Yapton Neighbourhood Plan 2 - Regulation 16 Consultation

Yapton Neighbourhood Plan 2 - proposed modifications

Regulation 16 Consultation by Arun District Council 4th November 2021 to 6th January 2022 at 5pm

The Planning Committee on the 13th September 2021 received an update on the work to to identify what amendments were required to the various documents following the Reg.14 consultation to bring the Modification Proposals up to the standard required for them to be submitted to Arun District Council under Reg 15 of the procedure.

A number of amendments had been agreed to the documents and they had been updated and submitted to a meeting of the Yapton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The Steering Group agreed the final documents could be submitted to a special meeting of the Parish Council for their agreement which was held on the 11th October to enable them to be submitted to Arun District Council under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning legislation.

The Parish Council submitted the Yapton Neighbourhood Plan 2 documents to Arun District Council under Reg 15 of the Regulations on the 18th October 2021.  Arun District Council is now holding a public consultation on the proposed modifications to the Yapton Neighbourhood Plan under Regulation 16 between the 4th November 2021 and 6th January 2022 at 5pm. The consultation period has been extended to account for the Christmas holiday period.

Following closure of the consultation and receipt of any responses, the local planning authority (Arun District Council) is required to make the modified plan within 5 weeks following receipt of the examiner’s report, or such later date as agreed in writing between the local planning authority and the qualifying body, Yapton Parish Council.

Please follow this link to the Reg. 16 Consultation on the Arun Dsitrict Council website - Yapton neighbourhood development plan 2 | Arun District Council